Burris AR-536 Review: Is It Worth It? [2020]

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When I’m target shooting with my AR, I want the best visibility available in a hearty package that won’t break down.

Lightweight, reliable, and easy to use, the Burris AR-536 is my scope of choice for close quarters or targets up to 600 yards.

Is the quality worth the cost?

Let me help you decide…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The only thing more frustrating than a reticle I can’t see at night is a reticle that runs out of power in the day! With the Burris AR-536, neither of those things will ever happen again.


Because the Burris AR-536 has both a green/red adjustable reticle as well as a black glass etched reticle to save power during the day.

The Burris AR-536 is a tactical reticle that performs best on the range or when open landscape stalking. If you are more interested in hunting small game in dense landscapes, consider looking at the best hog hunting scopes.

This multi-function prism sight is made with high quality, multi-coated lenses for a crisp image, allowing you to find your target faster, every time.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The eye relief took some getting used to. At 3.5 inches maximum eye relief, I felt just a little bit threatened.

3.5 inches is within tolerances for an AR eye relief, but might be smaller than you are used to.

Once I got used to it, there were no problems, but if you are used to larger eye relief, use caution! For unlimited eye relief, take a look at this MCG reflex sight.

For all the Burris AR-536 lacks in eye relief, it makes up for with a terrific eye box. I had no issues lining up my shots, thanks to the terrific field of view.


The number one thing I look for in my AR scopes is tactical grade durability, and the Burris AR-536 has it.

Fully waterproof and built to take a beating, the Burris wont shatter, scratch or fog.

Despite its hardiness, it remains lightweight and balanced. I consider it on par with other lightweight scopes.

Because the Burris AR-536 is a prism sight, it has few moving parts and can’t be easily fouled up. I’ve dropped it a number of times, and it has held up to my operational standards. I would be hard pressed to name a more reliable scope.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The Burris AR-536 turrets are set to .33 MOA per click, which allows for a fine tuned zero. Each click can be heard and felt, so you won’t have to squint at your knobs to adjust.

The scope found zero fast and held zero, thanks to those locking turrets. Because the turrets are capped, you won’t have to worry about bumping them in the field and losing your zero.

Capped turrets are a massive advantage if you regularly shoot at the same distance. If you are looking for something you can alter in the field, consider checking out the Vortex Crossfire II with fast reset turrets.

Parallax & Magnification

My favorite part about the Burris AR-536 is the prism system.

Why does that matter?

Unlike a scope with mirror, prism sights like this one allow light to pass directly to your eye. That means zero distortion, even at 5X magnification.

With a clarity up to 600 yards, the Burris AR-536 is perfect for open landscape stalking or competition at the range. The Burris AR-536 will still perform well at a closer range, but if you never need long-range sight, you might consider looking at some of the best AR-pistol optics.

Because the Burris AR-536 is a fixed scope, there is no parallax. Just mount and shoot.

Mounting & Rings

Mounting is simple with three Picatinny mounting brackets.

Burris AR-536 Review: Is it worth it?

The Burris AR-536 is a tough-built, fuss-free scope that’s easy to use and hard not to love.

  • Weather-proof
  • Lightweight build
  • Accuracy up to 600 yards
  • Factory set parallax adjustment
  • High-tech prism sight with zero distortion
  • Tactile clicking turrets for secure adjustment

After this Burris AR-536 review, I’ve found that this optic is worth every dime it cost me, which wasn’t too many, either!

If you have any doubts, the Burris AR-536 is covered by the Burris forever warranty. No receipt or registration needed, just hassle free replacement for life. Shoot with confidence, and love your AR.

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